Cleaner vs cleanest

When students become roommates, they need to learn a variety of things about each other. What are their likes and dislikes? How do they feel about company? And, most importantly, how often do they clean?

It’s important for both students to be on the same page when it comes to how often they should clean, whose turn it is to do a certain chore and what cleaning supplies they have to buy.

Alexis Stroh and Cylie Vaughn have known each other since high school and went from being close friends to living in extremely close quarters.

“We already knew each other which helped a lot,” Stroh, a freshman from Payneville, said.“We didn’t have to play that whole ‘get to know your roommate’ game.”

Because of the adjustment of lifestyle, they needed to figure out each other’s boundaries.

“While we knew each other separately, we needed to figure out what it was like to live with each other,” Vaughn, a freshman from Ekron, said.

That’s not the only thing they had to figure out. When it comes to cleaning, both girls have their own thoughts on how they should clean.

“Cylie definitely cleans more,” Stroh said. “I’m not a neat freak, and I usually just leave things lying around. Cylie is definitely cleaner than I am, but I do my part to keep the
dorm clean.”

While Stroh does what she can, Vaughn agrees that she is cleaner than her roommate.

“I like to keep my space clean and organized. It gives me more space in such a cramped room,” Vaughn said.

While they have different cleaning methods, both girls agree it’s important to have essential cleaning supplies.

“I have to have a broom — the floor needs to be swept constantly,” Stroh said. “I’m also thinking about buying a mop soon to help clean the floor.”

Vaughn also had her own list of cleaning supplies.

“Disinfectant wipes are a must,” Vaughn said. “We wipe the desks every day. It helps keep everything clean and nice. We also use Lysol to help clean as well.”

While both girls clean differently, they both agree that cleaning is something students have to do. Anyone who moves into a new space, a dorm, an apartment or a house should know how often they need to clean and what they should clean with.